Cholesterol Deposits

May 2018

In your Practice

As skin care therapists, it is our job to consult with our clients and assess the needs of the individual. Through proper consultation, you, the therapist can brief each individual on the irregularities that can occur from the effects of the sun and the aging process.

Cholesterol deposits are common skin irregularities which we, as skin care therapists, can help educate, advise, and treat for our clients benefit.   This week we share more insight on skin tags.


What are Cholesterol Deposits?

Also known as Xanthomas, these deposits are fatty in nature.  The nature of these fats may be different in each individual, depending on the contributing causes involved and the presence or absence of an abnormal fatty metabolism.

As with many minor skin irregularities, cholesterol deposits normally become more prevalent with age.  Although they may be bothersome and unattractive to your clients, they are not harmful to one’s health.


What do Cholesterol Deposits look like and where do they occur?

Cholesterol Deposits are generally found in the eye (periorbital) area of the face.  Different areas of the body may show such fat deposits in a different colour to the usual yellowish tone.

The tissue of cholesterol deposits is soft in nature and painless to the touch.


What are the contributing Causes of Cholesterol Deposits?

Excessive amounts of Cholesterol Deposits can be linked to high levels of cholesterol within the body. Contributing factors can be but not limited to diseases and disorders in the body as hormonal changes, diabetes, and high lipid levels.  Your client’s diet may also lipid levels.

Some of your clients may be predisposed to fats, due to family and genetic history.  In these cases, an abnormal fatty metabolism maybe be involved.   It is always recommended to take a full client history, for all new clients, to help assess overall factors that may be involved.

Prevention Strategies for Cholesterol Deposits:

As skin care therapist, we should always embrace our responsibility to educate and remind clients of any preventative measures that will help them to maintain healthy, attractive skin!    Many common minor skin irregularities, such as cholesterol deposits, become more prevalent with age as the body’s keratinization process down.

As mentioned, cholesterol deposits tend to locate in the eye area.  Advising your clients, therefore, to limit the use of heavy eye care products is a helpful preventive measure that they can easily implement.   Proper and gentle exfoliation of the skin overall can also help with cell renewal and to help rid the epidermis of unwanted and unhealthy cells,

Clients can also monitor their skin conditions more closely.  If they are encouraged to ask you for advice during the early stages of cholesterol deposits appearing, for example, you will be able to apply a timely treatment to the area that would effectively prevent the growth larger, more substantial condition.


Traditional Treatments for Cholesterol Deposits:

Some of your clients may try to get rid of unsightly skin irregularities, such as cholesterol deposits, on their own.  As you know though, this half-hazard picking and prodding with hands, and sometime even with their own home “tools”, can be very risky!  Not only are they not likely to get the results they desire on their own, but they are also risking further complications such scarring or infection at the location.

Since cholesterol deposits tend to most often clusters around the eye area, this risk is further exacerbated.  As skin care professionals, you can be warning your clients of these risks and advising them about professional treatments that deliver clean results.


LAMPROBE Treatment for Cholesterol Deposits:

The LAMPROBE was developed to treat many common minor skin irregularities, inclusive of cholesterol deposits, very effectively in just seconds. LAMPROBE treatment dry up the fatty deposits present on the skin’s surface, non-invasively and with extreme precision.  Treatment time lasts just seconds.  As cholesterol deposits normally involve treatments around the delicate area of the eyes, the rapid and safe benefits of LAMPROBE treatments are particularly valued.

Licensed estheticians and other skin care professionals have been using the LAMPROBE to treat various skin irregularities for many years. Backed by one of the original leaders in the educational arena of the Esthetics industry, LAMPROBE practitioners are supported and trained to the highest standards in the industry to deliver incredible results, safely and effectively.

Final Thoughts:

Cholesterol deposits are quite common amongst men and women, so be aware of them and ask clients permission to assess them and provide treatment. Through ongoing consultations at each visit, building the trust will allow your client to be confidant in your skills and trust the advice you provide them.

Equipping yourself with the knowledge, training, and tools that can deliver desired and valued results to your clients is one of the most powerful ways that individual skin care therapists, or skin care practices, can grow and flourish professionally.   It is a joy to both expand your capabilities and deliver incredible, tangible results to your clients.

We welcome your inquiries and encourage you to start talking to your clients about their concerns regarding their cholesterol deposits today!



Minor Skin Irregularities by Pat Lam

Dara Cardoza