Hyperkeratinized Irregularities

Keratinocytes, which make up 90% of epidermal skin cells, go through the process of keratinization which regenerates the skin regularly and results in a skin that looks smoother and fresher with a more youthful glow. Keratoses are skin growths that result from the excess production of keratinized cells. They appear in varying different forms, consisting of soft or hard keratinized cells.


Fibromas are skin growths which are benign tumors that are either flat, raised, small or large. They either sit on the skin’s surface or are found attached by a short thin neck or peduncle. They can also range in colour from skin tone to darker.

Seborrheic Keratoses

Seborrheic keratoses are benign skin lesions that are small to large in size. They often appear during middle age or older. Seborrheic keratoses are usually found on the back, face, scalp and chest. These superficial lesions appear warty, greasy, pigmented (dark yellow to black), scaly and somewhat flat in shape.

Skin Tags

A skin tag is a small fibroma that can appear in either a single or multiple formation and are sometimes referred to as achrochordon.

They can be found all over the face and body but they are mostly found on the neck, breasts, the axillae and they may also appear on eyelids.

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Sebaceous Cysts

A sebaceous cyst occurs when an overburdened sebaceous duct breaks down and leaks out into the dermis. Sebaceous cysts appear as hard, raised and painful lesion with no surface opening and are associated with acneic skins.