Vascular Irregularities

Vascular lesions appear in different forms, representing changes in superficial blood vessels as angiomas or vascular irregularities of vessels. When they appear in an excessive amount they give the skin an overall reddish or “couperose” complexion, such as rosacea.

Dilated Capillaries

Dilated Capillaries, also referred to as Telangiectasia or Broken Capillaries, are tiny superficial dilated blood vessels appear as red wavy lines on the skin. They tend to appear particularly around the nose, cheeks and even the décolleté area.

Cherry Angiomas

Cherry angiomas appear as bright red to purple dots of blood on the surface of the skin.  They  are usually found on body’s upper trunk, such as the neck and chest area.  Some people are predisposed to having multiple cherry angiomas.

Spider Naevi

Spider naevi are dilated blood that are small and bright red with radiating threads.  Commonly seen in women, they may be associated with pregnancy, obesity and oral contraceptive use.

LAMPROBE Treatment

Cherry Angioma

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Dilated Capillaries

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