Sebaceous Irregularities

Sebaceous irregularities appear mostly on the scalp, t-zone area of the face, and on the back.  The LAMRPOBE treats these very common conditions through a precise vaporization modality quickly and effectively, and with extreme precision.

Results are instantaneous, in one treatment only.

Clogged Pores

Clogged Pores are sebaceous irregularities that are result from a build of sebum and dead keratinized cells inside the duct. They are most commonly found on the cheeks and can give the skin a duller complexion.

Cholesterol Deposits

Cholesterol Deposits, also know as Xanthelasma, are soft yellowish plaques of lipids that are usually found  around the eyes. Individuals with high lipid levels are often predisposed to this condition. Cholesterol deposits are most often small to medium in sized and may also be raised.


Milia are plugs of sebum covered with layers of stratum cornified cells. As a result, they are usually rough to the touch and difficult to treat by manual extraction.  Milia are commonly found on the forehead and cheeks and tend to be discolored or off-white in color.

Inflamed Pimples

Inflamed pimples are sebaceous skin irregularities treatable with the LAMPROBE.  Inflamed pimples or papules are raised lesions that are filled with pus.  They commonly appear in acneic skin and oily skin as well.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia appear as soft, yellowish papules with a cauliflower or doughnut-shaped appearance.

They can appear on the forehead and cheeks, particularly on oily and asphyxiated skins.

LAMPROBE Treatment

Clogged Pores

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Before / After Pictures

Treatment by LAMPROBE

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Cholesterol Deposits

Other Irregularity Types

Treated with the LAMPROBE

Vascular Conditions

Hyperkerantized Lesions